April 2023


“You are not a failure until you start blaming others for your mistakes.” I don’t exactly throw the word failure around. I don’t believe anyone is a failure, because we all achieve success for someone throughout our lives, but I could lay off this quote. I’m gonna let Brene handle this one though!

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“It takes a lot of courage to share your pain with someone else.” My sister in law is an artist as is my son. They’re brilliant. I never appreciated art, but I found this so incredibly moving. I had to share. Pay attention to the moment they see their depression illustrated. It’s a joy that

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Down by the River

Hilarious When I left my last career as a mental health specialist. I was met with tremendous doubt. I wasn’t leaving to join another organization. With the help of my wife, I love you, Hun, I possessed that delusional quality that created a belief in a vision. A vision of being present for my family.

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Your wounds lead to your purpose. Gabrille Bernstein’s book Happy Days has provided a tremendous amount of growth for me personally. Recognizing the long-term effects of unresolved trauma has led me to finally recognize the quiet operations behind the scenes of a lifetime of poor decisions. Watch, take notes, & enjoy. The journey toward true

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There are 2 ways to see. One is called sight. The other is called insight! -Joe Dispenza It’s springtime and what’s says springtime more than ants. My wife can’t stand them. They end up all over the counters and drive her crazy. It reminds me of my ant story. I purchased an extermination device that

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2 Wolves Parable

Story telling is my shit! Tonight’s blog is about the 2 Wolves story. I absolutely love the message behind this parable. Take a listen and consider the meaning behind this parable. The cycle of thoughts and feeling creates an attitude! Thank you once again for joining me. I’ll see you soon.

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“Pay the price! Success never goes on sale!” I’ve heard so many coaches and athletes say give it 100%. I heard players say, “I gave it my all!” What does that actually look like? What does giving 100% look like in real time. Kayla Montgomery from Mt. Tabor High School in North Carolina provided a

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my blog. I want to use this space to communicate to my participants exactly what it takes to become the best version of yourself. The 2 voices I hear every morning are first my wife & second Eric Thomas! The video below is the first video I have each & every client watch.

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