There are 2 ways to see. One is called sight. The other is called insight!

-Joe Dispenza

It’s springtime and what’s says springtime more than ants. My wife can’t stand them. They end up all over the counters and drive her crazy. It reminds me of my ant story.

I purchased an extermination device that had bait on the inside. I watched the ants make their way to their doom, insert evil laugh here, and surprisingly I watched each little bastard walk in and out of what I believed was their deathbed. After reading the box I learned that the traps were designed to have the ants take the bait back to their nest and kill the queen.

With this mindset I bring you A.N.T.S, automatic negative thoughts. I use this quite often and felt it may be valuable to share. Recognize that our problematic thoughts have patterns. Awareness of these patterns will allow you to begin tracking your negative thinking back to their origin. These unhelpful thinking styles, or A.N.T.S, are smoke signals originating from a deeper concern.

Take a look and see if something stands out to you.

Thank you for joining me once again and I look forward to seeing you in the next blog.

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