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Are you ready to transform your life?

Recognize your value, eliminate the need for external validation & become the person you’ve always imagined.  Become Infinite!

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I empower men to conquer fear, overcome doubt & establish habits that create success.

We are all faced with tremendous opportunities disguised as impossible circumstances.  Empowerment begins with belief & fear has no standing in your future! 


You're story matters. First, I want understand your Why.


I respectfully listen & appreciate your values & strengths.


Together we create a customized blueprint & begin the journey.


Finally, we challenge unhealthy beliefs & overcome obstacles

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A man without a vision of his future always returns to his past!

Vision is the father of discipline.  You may not have a clear idea of your direction, but you refuse to travel back to where you were.  Walking alone with the fear of the unknown creates shaky steps forward.  Together, we take confident strides towards your desired result. 


Seek Clarity

Understand who you want to be & what will provide meaning for you. 


Practice Excellence

Learn to increase your desire for exceptional performance. 


Gain Confidence

You are not your problem.  You are your solution! 

Write Your New Narrative

About me

I can support you in achieving the results you’re looking for. My desire is not only to provide solutions, but also to provide hope.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Well, after 15 years of counseling & coaching, I can confidently say I still care much more than I’ll ever know. 

“What are you capable of?”  This is the first question you’ll be asked by Infinity Life Coaching.  Vision is the father of discipline & I desperately want to understand your vision so I can work tirelessly assisting you in exceeding that vision.  Many of us have a general understanding of the results we’d like to attain; however, lack the framework & process that can guide our efforts towards that desired result.  This is where I can help.  My evidence based and customized coaching packages focus on emotional well-being, creating success routines & eliminating maladaptive behaviors.  Along the way you’ll gain resources, life changing insights & gut busting laughter that allows you to joyously transform your life.

“Passion for my work has been a little bit of discovery, followed by a lot of development and then a lifetime of deepening."
Michael Loftin CPRP, CPC

Receive the "Five to Thrive" PowerPoint. The Five step outline that will change your life!

I have been working with Mike for almost a year now and the question has been the same from the first meeting to the last. What am i capable of? Mike brings and energy to each meeting that you can’t help but feel like your goals are already at an arms length. My awareness, my drive, and ambition all go to 100 when we meet. If you get a chance to meet him you will feel the presence of someone who lives out what he preaches. Who wants to help you achieve what you want, create a plan, and stick to it. Thank you Mike.
Andres D
Micheal will truly help you change your life. Within a few months I went from struggling to do laundry, to buying a new car. I highly recommend Micheal for anyone that struggles with motivation, anxiety, depression, mental health, or just needs some guidance in life. Micheal is that guy!
Tyrin J
Mike Loftin changed my life. I was going through a lot in my life and Mike was able to help me navigate making decisions, growing up as a young adult, and become a better person overall. I would recommend him to anyone that needs help in any sort of way or just needs a friend to talk to.
Shivam B
Mike is an amazing facilitator and has really gone above and beyond for our son. He is extremely informed and has worked with our son for about 9 months. We are so grateful for his concern and ability to connect with him. We highly recommend Mike.
Susie G
Eddie Evans
Eddie Evans
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When you are trying to get your life on track after a setback or when your family is in a crisis, you need Michael Loftin on your side. Michael is a highly skilled coach and communicator who will help you set goals for yourself and help you stick to them. And when family communications break down, he can help you rebuild trust. He will go the extra mile for you. I can't recommend him enough.
Guzzy O
Guzzy O
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Michael is a personable, approachable individual and therapist. He knows his work and takes pride in what he does. His interactions with my son was mind changing and impacting. He made my son feel comfortable in any setting he interacts with him. Be it in the park, home or any mutual agreed upon location. My son felt that he was not alone and in the end able to find his purpose in life. Michael ensured that he updated us, the family, on his progress, in agreement with our son, which made the transition seamless. I would definitely recommend Infinity life coaching, Michael, in particular, to any family going through crossroads with their kids. Thank you, Michael, once again.
Jennifer B
Jennifer B
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Michael is a knowledgeable, compassionate and relatable man that helped my son gain so much insight on goals and how to make them achievable. I would highly recommend for any young man who needs to talk to someone about finding their path in life, and removing the obstacles that are hindering them. He related to my son and from that, my son felt immediate trust and understanding with his guidance.